Coloring with an Artist

Color with an Artist with the book Coloring Utah. Whether it is pencil, crayon, ink, oil or watercolors we have created a way for you to evolve your talents and abilities with an Artist. We recently published Coloring Utah – Series I  Bear Lake  for more options. The Book has 10 black and white images along with color copies of the originals that guide you as you use your favorite way to color.  Get one today and start coloring in a new way.

See watercolors below of small black and white coloring set:


South Beach, Bear Lake, Utah


Sometimes it takes another person to discover your hidden abilities. Fall in Central Utah.



The scent of sage and cedars take me back to my youth.
Hiking old dirt roads in Southern Utah was always invigorating.



Wandering in the hills with all the fresh smells of sage and ceder
with chirping meadow larks. What a relief. I keep wandering, do you?



Capital Wash is a tenacious spot. Prickly cactus, rattle snakes and no water.
They all add-up in such a forgiving and beautiful way. To bring you back for more.



Mt. Nebo is such a lofty place.
High above Burraston springs.
It is amazing such high grandeur, yet
subterranean blue water is within a glance.

Get more and larger paintings today and start coloring in a new way with Coloring Utah – Series 1 Bear Lake. If you would like another black and white small coloring set of 6 prints of the above historical paintings for $7.95 plus shipping contact us below.